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Mobile Toll Free™

- Your own Toll Free phone number that sends calls to any of your existing phones!
- Faxes sent to your Mobile Toll Free number automatically arrive in your email.
- You can easily control which phone it rings, and where your faxes land, anytime.
- This service is only $19.95 per month! For more details, please click the Info & Signup link.

Boost your professional image and accessibility...
You increase the professional image of your company by using a toll free phone and fax, and make it easier for people to contact you. Professionals love this service!

Easy To Use
NO special hardware or software requirements…
To change your settings, simply login to your account online, type-in the phone number you want to ring, and the email address where you want faxes to arrive.

If you are a parent and your kids aren’t old enough for a cell phone, this is a great way for them to call you from any payphone without using coins or calling cards. If you don’t have a fax at home; now you can receive faxes any time of the day.

If you need to replace or change the phone linked to this service, simply login at our website and enter the new phone number that you want to ring when someone calls your Mobile Toll Free number. It is updated within seconds.

Provides Privacy
Never give-out your personal phone number to prospects, clients, or business associates. Now you can receive calls without people knowing your real cellular, home, or office numbers.

With a monthly cost of only $19.95 which includes 100 minutes of use each month there is no reason not to have your own toll free phone and fax line.
Additional usage is billed at a rate of 6.7¢ per minute of phone usage (no double leg billing).

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Mobile Toll Free
Toll-Free phone number overlays and fax-to-email upgrades for existing phones.

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