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What it Does...

The Click2Connect service is a tool that allows people viewing a website, online ad, or email, to easily initiate a telephone conversation with your representatives. This service can also be offered as a recovery tool to communicate with prospects when they abandon online forms, dramatically boosting sales results and enhancing customer support.

How it Works...

The service interface sends packets of information over the Internet to our telephony servers, with the contact's telephone number and your Click2Connect account information. Click2Connect then places a call to the contact and while playing a brief greeting, immediately rings your contact phone... putting the two calls together. These calls are made through regular telephone circuits, and work with both standard and mobile phones. Our server stores the call information, and immediately displays it on your secure web portal for lead tracking and validation.


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Monitor how your advertising is working in real-time, while building new contact lists.

Get online prospects on the phone with you with the click of a button.

A one-number unified messaging / follow-me service with 28 advanced features.

Mobile Toll Free
Toll-Free phone number overlays and fax-to-email upgrades for existing phones.

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